Posts published on October 2009

Moving to the West Coast


Well, it’s almost here. Tomorrow, I board Virgin America – Flight 363, with service from BOS to LAX. Some time around 10:45am PST, I’ll be touching down in Southern California. This will mark the first time I won’t have a return flight booked to fly back to the place I’ve called “home” for most of my life, Massachusetts.

There’s so many things I’m going to miss about Massachusetts, and while I really (really) love lists, I won’t bore you with a self-indulgent record of those now. I will however say that my family and friends top (and probably fill) any list I could possibly compile.


Humor, Life


Ah, the 80’s. A time when the only worries I had in the world was “Will I be home in time to watch G.I.JOE?” A time when hair was big, music was cheesy and Don Johnson was the definition of “cool“. A time when you didn’t have to view your pictures on you iPhone, because they instantly popped out of your Polaroid camera.