Posts published on February 2015

In My Bag


Inspired by MIJLO, a Dutch-based collective, who reached out to designers and creatives, asking what essentials they carry in their bags and what they have at their desks, I’ve decided to share a few items that I have in mine.

In My Bag Continue reading …

Race Day Turkey Chili


Today’s a special day for me. It’s February. It’s Sunday. It’s the biggest day in American motorsports — It’s DAYTONA 500 Sunday.

Much like last year, I got up a little early today to get my pre-race regimen started.

First up, COFFEE.

Then a shower and some Sirius XM NASCAR audio to get the juices flowing.

Now, it’s time to get the RACE DAY TURKEY CHILI started.

This is my recipe for one of my favorite chilis. Feel free to improvise, have fun and make something you and your crew will enjoy as the green flag drops. Continue reading …