Race Day Turkey Chili


Today’s a special day for me. It’s February. It’s Sunday. It’s the biggest day in American motorsports — It’s DAYTONA 500 Sunday.

Much like last year, I got up a little early today to get my pre-race regimen started.

First up, COFFEE.

Then a shower and some Sirius XM NASCAR audio to get the juices flowing.

Now, it’s time to get the RACE DAY TURKEY CHILI started.

This is my recipe for one of my favorite chilis. Feel free to improvise, have fun and make something you and your crew will enjoy as the green flag drops. Continue reading …

Retro-Boxed Monster Cereals Are Here!



After what felt like months of visiting every Target store in a 50-mile radius — only to have my hopes of finding the General Mills Monster Cereals in those amazing retro boxes dashed — today, I finally found ‘em.

I first heard about these over on Dinosaur Dracula, and immediately knew I’d need a stockpile of my own. The boxes are everything I hoped for and more. A minimal 70s design that consists of the cereal’s character, a brightly colored logo and a photo of the the cereal itself in a glass bowl.

Immediately after getting these home, I cracked open a box of Yummy Mummy — paired with some almond milk and I was immediately transported back to my childhood.

I don’t eat a lot of sweet cereals these days. To be honest, I don’t eat cereal very often at all. So my ‘HOLY HELL THIS IS SWEEEEET!’ meter may be a little out of whack, but even with all that cavity-causing goodness, I was in love…

In love with the taste-bud driven trip back to 1987.

Monster Cereals

Monster Cereals

Monster Cereals